St. Pierre & Miquelon


March 1, 2005
  • We are pleased to report that our QSL card processing is back on track and as of today cards are being mailed. Please be patient, your request will be answered. On behalf of Team Miquelon, please accept our apology for this unexpected delay. 


February 10, 2005
  • Due to circumstances beyond our control, the processing of QSL cards for FP/VE7SV has been delayed. We are working towards resolution of certain operational issues and apologize for this unexpected inconvenience. All QSL card requests on hand will be processed in due course. Please be patient, your request will be answered. An update will be posted as soon as we have new information.
December 16, 2004
  • Posted a new Local Media Coverage page.
  • Our QSL card designs have been finalized with Tony, LZ1JZ. Printing should commence by the end of this week.
  • Our QSL Manager -- Dick, N7RO has the final logs and printing of labels has started in anticipation of the QSL cards arriving later this month.
December 03, 2004
November 26, 2004
  • The online Log Search tool is now available for use.
  • Our thanks to Doug, N6RT for hosting our logbook at at once our operation begins.
November 07, 2004
  • Updated the Dispatches page with three new recordings. The final Dispatch from Dave, VE7VR has been posted as well as recordings from Jun, OE1ZKC of the Team's signal on 160m and Milan, OK1IF of the Team's signal on 80m. during the operation. Thank you to Jun and Milan for sharing your audio recordings.
  • We are still working on the logs for both the CQ WW Contest and the DXpedition contacts. This process -- given the sheer volume of contacts, will take us another few days. Once the logs are ready, they will be uploaded to our Log Search page and eventually to the ARRL LOTW facility.
  • If you recorded any digital audio clips (in either *.wav or *.mp3 format) of the Team -- and would like to share it with the world, please forward the clip to our contact email address. You will be credited with the clip on our Dispatches page. We're especially interested in hearing from anyone with low band recordings.
November 03, 2004
  • Updated the Dispatches page with two audio clips from Sergio, IK0FTA of his 6m SSB and CW contacts with the Team on November 01. Thank you to Sergio and the  SIX ITALIA group for the sharing this audio clip with the Team.
November 02, 2004 @ 1950z
  • The FP/VE7SV operation is now QRT.
  • There are approximately 60,000 QSO's in the combined log!
  • The last QSO in the log was James, NS6C in Fountain Valley, CA @ 1949z on November 02, 2004
  • Listen to the last QSO on the Daily Dispatches page
November 02, 2004 @ 1858z
  • Using the single vertical, Ramon, XE1KK continues to operate 20m phone in the last three hours of operation.
  • The Team will depart the island Wednesday morning as planned.
November 02, 2004 @ 1600z
  • In life, timing is everything. During our last night on the island, Mother nature had her way with our antenna farm and  flattened the entire installation. Ramon, XE1KK says, "I've never seen or experienced a wind like this -- it even moved the mounts driven into the ground that secured our antennas".
  • This morning the winds continue at over 80 KPH (50 MPH)
  • Everything has been packed and the Team is ready to depart the island -- but winds may prevent aircraft from landing so the Team is relaxing after having worked in excess of 56,000 contacts during the 12-day DXpedition.
  • Using a single vertical, Ramon, XE1KK is currently operating 20m phone -- and there is still a pileup!
  • Thanks to Zoli, HA5PP for sending a recording of the Team operating on 80m during the CQ WW Contest. It's amazing to hear how we sounded at his QTH. Listen to the recording in the Daily Dispatches
November 02, 2004 @ 0337z
  • The Team is in the final hours of operation.
  • Expect limited operation Tuesday as the station is dismantled and the Team prepares to head home.
  • An audio file thank you note has been posted to each of our major Sponsors
  • The contest score has been posted on the 3830 Reflector
November 01, 2004 @ 1830z
  • The CQ WW contest is now in the history books. The Team managed a whopping 15,000 contacts -- working 637 countries and 163 zones for an estimated 31,540,000 points. A huge effort by any account!!
  • Today the Team is working 6m and reports numerous EU contacts.
  • At this point the Team expects a limited operation on Tuesday as the begin to tear down the huge station.
  • A number of new Dispatches have been posted
  • Contest results will be posted to the 3830 Reflector later today
  • A Team photo has been added to the Photo Album
  • The Team expects to be home for the BCDX Club meeting this Friday.
October 28, 2004 @ 0205z
  • With in excess of 35,000 contacts in the log, Team spirits are extremely high
  • Less than 24 hours until the start of the CQ WW contest
  • The weather has taken a turn for the worse with winds blowing at storm force. The antennas are holding their own.
  • A new Dispatch has been posted
October 27, 2004 @ 2030z
  • Numerous pictures added to the Photo Album (go to the bottom of the page for latest material)
  • Ramon is operating digital modes today
  • Thanks to Dick, N7RO (and his video camera) we now have a portion of the audio track from Ramon's contact with the ISS (International Space Station) back on Oct 23. It is listed in the Daily Dispatches.
October 26, 2004 @ 2155z
  • Thanks to a Herculean effort by Lee, VE7CC (Mr. Low Band), the 80m 4square antenna is now finished. While the COMTEK SYSTEMS switching box is not fully implemented, the antenna is functional. Final work on the system will proceed at first-light tomorrow. Thanks Lee for a great effort!
  • For those interested in SSB contacts on the low bands, the Team advises that will likely take place either just prior to or during the weekend contest. There will be plenty of opportunity for contacts during the contest.
  • All stations are up and running without any problems
  • Contact rate per hour remains steady and the Team is looking forward to the CQ WW contest this weekend.
  • Local time on Miquelon Island is GMT -3 hours.
October 26, 2004 @ 1555z
  • Two new Dispatches have been posted from Dave, VE7VR
  • The weather -- which had been sunny, very windy and cold has turned overcast, but the wind remains constant.
  • Our antenna systems are standing tall in the face of the winds off the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Ramon, XE1KK will attempt to work digital modes in the next couple of days. We'll try and post an update here with times, bands and modes.
  • Regarding band conditions, Dave, VE7VR says, "40m is just as busy at 4AM as 15m is at mid-day".
  • Team members have settled into a shift-work routine of operating, resting and enjoying Miquelon Island and all that it offers the 'cfa' or come from away visitor.
October 26, 2004 @ 0541z
  • It is unlikely we will be able to accommodate any 6m EME skeds, but check back to this page for updates.
  • There will be an update on digital modes posted in the next 24 hours
  • Closer to the weekend contest, there will be more SSB activity on all bands
  • Weather conditions while sunny are very windy and the resulting wind-chill makes working outside difficult
  • If the weather holds, the 80m 4-sqaure will be completed tomorrow
  • All other antenna systems are up and operating as per our basic operating plan.
  • Local (TV) media personnel will interview the Team this week for a short feature on their operation. It will likely play throughout St. Pierre & Miquelon as well as in Quebec.
October 26, 2004 @ 0001z
  • Due to technical limitations, there will be no online log search facility during the operation. We apologize for this change, but the issue is beyond our control at this time. Once the Team have returned home and we have a chance to review our logs, they will uploaded here and to the ARRL's LOTW utility.
  • Lee, VE7CC worked EY8MM earlier this afternoon on 160M with big sigs both ways. Conditions from here are amazing on all bands.
 October 25, 2004 @ 1330z
  • We now have Internet access at the Hotel!
  • A personal note from Dave, VE7VR: conditions are amazing, more specific info will come from us soon since we have settled into a routine and can start focusing on specific bands and areas of the world that we have not serviced well. We are in the range of 13,000 Qs as of this morning. If conditions remain the same we will have no trouble reaching our QSO total goals....the pile-ups seem very very deep.
  • The first Dispatch from the Island has been posted with more to follow as time permits.
October 25, 2004 @ 0402z
  • Words can't express the excitement the Team is feeling with nearly 10,000 Q's in the log
  • The Battle Creek Special on 160m is working very well -- Lee, VE7CC reports the radials are almost in the ocean.
  • The pile-ups are great!
October 24, 2004 @ 1808z
  • The pile-ups are huge!
  • Band conditions are amazing!
  • Europe is very loud!
  • The weather is cold with the (ever present) wind, but it's not raining.
  • The Battle Creek Special will be up today
  • No antenna for 6m yet
  • No RTTY at this time given the huge pileups on all bands
  • Using a single vertical on 80m, but hope to get the 4-sqaure built as time permits
  • Using phased verticals on 40m, but hope to get the 4-sqaure built as time permits
  • SteppIR antennas working very well indeed
  • All 4 (KW) stations are up and running -- no problems with any station.
  • Some problems sourcing local Internet access, but that will be dealt with Monday morning.
October 24, 2004 @ 0021z
  • The Team is doing well with about 4000q's in the log as they near the end of day one.
  • Access to the Internet is in a building a few kilometers from the Hotel
  • The first upload of logs could take place in the next couple of days
  • Other than some computer glitches, the Team says, "radio conditions are beyond expectations".
October 23, 2004 @ 1550z
  • The second station is under construction and should be on the air momentarily
  • Ramon had a 2m QSO with the International Space Station earlier this morning
  • The pileups are strong, propagation seems good and Team spirits are high.
  • The weather is cool, but it's not raining.
  • Work continues on all antenna projects.
October 23, 2004 @ 02000z... now QRV
  • The Team has arrived on Miquelon Island


October 22, 2004 (2356z... only a few hours to go now)
October 20, 2004 (only 2 days to go....)
  • New "Dispatches from Miquelon" digital audio clip uploaded
  • The Team departs Vancouver this evening on the "red-eye" flight to the east coast.
October 16, 2004 (only 6 days to go....)
  • All the gear has arrived on Miquelon Island.
  • Most of the Team members will depart from Vancouver, BC on October 20. Ramon, XE1KK will depart from Mexico City and join the others in St. John's, NFLD.
  • Allan, VE7SZ has joined the Team
October 11, 2004 (only 11 days to go....)
October 06, 2004 (only 16 days to go....)
  • Our 11-pc shipment of equipment arrived on Miquelon island today; tomorrow it will be cleared through local customs. The ACOM amplifier shipment will arrive on the Island in the next few days. We will be QRV with 4 complete kilowatt stations, a magnificent antenna system and an "A-Team" of operators eager to deliver a world class performance for the Deserving! Get ready for this -- it will be unlike anything you've ever heard from Miquelon Island (IOTA NA-032).
September 30, 2004 (only 22 days to go....)


September 29, 2004 (only 23 days to go....)


September 22, 2004 (only 30 days to go....)
  • Our shipment has arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia enroute to FP.
September 21, 2004 (only 31days to go....)
  • Added photos of the Maxotel to the FP/VE7SV QTH page
  • Added our antenna line-up by band to the Operating Plan page
  • Our shipment is scheduled to arrive in Moncton, New Brunswick (Sept. 22) enroute to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
September 18, 2004 (only 34 days to go....)
  • Our shipment has arrived in Winnipeg, MB enroute to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and on to FP.
September 16, 2004 (only 36 days to go....)
September 15, 2004 (only 37 days to go....)
  • Updated the Photo Album page. Our shipment has departed Vancouver, BC for Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.
    This page will change frequently as new material is added over the next 37 days.

September 08, 2004 (only 44 days to go....)
  • Updated the Photo Album page. This page will change frequently as new material is added
August 16, 2004
August 11, 2004
August 09, 2004
  • Updated the Photo Album page. This page will change frequently as new material is added.
August 04, 2004
  • Updated the Sponsor page to showcase ICOM America as one of our Principal Sponsors for the operation.
August 03, 2004
  • Updated the QSL Information page including a reference to our participation in the LOTW process and our intention to offer Online Logs during the operation.
July 30, 2004  
July 27, 2004
  • Updated the Sponsor page to showcase the level of support offer by Individual donations
July 23, 2004
July 23, 2004
July 21, 2004
  • The entire Sponsor page has been reorganized to provide better exposure to all our valued supporters
  • In response to an email request from a potential supporter, a new Donation Support page has been added. This page offers the same information contained in the FP/VE7SV DXpedition.pdf file, but in a webpage format.
July 20, 2004
July 18, 2004
July 16, 2004
  • The entire website has been updated to optimize viewing in either Explorer or Netscape. Previously, the MS WordArt imagery used was not viewable using Netscape.
July 15, 2004
  • Added a countdown timer to the homepage
July 14, 2004
July 09, 2004
  • Added a reference to the upcoming (Sept 10-18, 2004) activation by Peter, NN9K. According to the notes in the 425 News #688, "Peter, NN9K will operate as FP/NN9K on 30m only".

July 08, 2004
  • In response to numerous requests from the Deserving RTTY, PSK31 and Satellite modes have been added to our Operating Plan
  • Satellite operation will be LEO (low earth orbit) FM. Additional details to be released closer to our departure date.
  • Updated the Operating Plan to add frequencies for both RTTY, PSK31 and Satellite
  • Updated the Operating Plan to include information specific to Satellite as per Ramon, XE1KK.
  • Updated the News Release to reflect the addition of RTTY, PSK31 and Satellite operating modes.
  • Added the new Photo Album page. This page will change frequently as new material is added.

July 07, 2004

June 27, 2004
  • Added the new Propagation page with all raw data prepared by Carl, K9LA
  • Added the new Sunrise / Sunset page with data expressed in both UTC and local times
  • Updated the Great Circle Bearing map page to the standardized page layout
  • Notice of the FP/VE7SV DXpedition is listed in the 425 DX News - June 25, 2004 issue #686
  • Notice of the FP/VE7SV DXpedition is listed in the OPDX Bulletin - June 28, 2004 issue #666

June 23, 2004
  • Added additional weather forecast sources page
  • Added a detailed local area map as a reference for Newfoundland based weather sources
  • Updated the 'Local Maps and Photos' page to standardize page layout
  • Added a route map for the Fortune, NL to St. Pierre ferry

June 22, 2004

June 21, 2004

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