St. Pierre & Miquelon

QSL Cards from previous DXpeditions

These images were sourced from the Internet and a private collection
The images are presented here as a respectful retrospective of previous DXpeditions.

Circa 1958
Operator was Tom Hughes, K2JGG (SK)

Circa 1959
Operator was Ronnie Richardson, W1YIS


Operator was Willard Prentice, W3VBM

Circa 1981
Operator was Albert Hix, W8AH

Circa 1957
Operator was Jack Du Bois, K2CPR / W3BXE

Circa 1999
Operators were Trond Johannessen, LA9VDA and
Henry Ingwersen, KE1AC

Circa 1995
Operators were N9AU, K9GS, ND9O and W9OP
Note: this operation took place during CQ WW (SSB) 1995

Circa 1982
Operator was John Ackley, KP2A


Circa 1978
Operator was Bob Billings, WB2HLK/VE1 (?)


Thanks to Jim, W6YA for his assistance in compiling the images for this page

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