St. Pierre & Miquelon

Our Accommodation and QTH -- The Maxotel (42 rue Sourdeval, Miquelon)

The Maxotel will be our home for this operation.
Room 5 is at the extreme left of centre and
Room 10 is at the extreme right of centre.
Photo credit: Peg, KB9LIE

You can almost smell the DX from
the Maxotel's oceanfront location
It's only about 100 yards or 91 meters from
the building to the Atlantic ocean!

Photo credit: Peg, KB9LIE

Here is the reception and dining area of the Maxotel Although it appears there is a dining area on the second floor it is not used. The only meal served is breakfast and that consists of orange juice, coffee, toast and croissants.
Photo credit: Pete, NN9K

Here is a drawing of a typical room layout
at the Maxotel c/w measurements
Drawing credit: Pete, NN9K

Another view of the Room 6-10 wing
Photo credit: Pete, NN9K

The rooms feature a small but functional kitchen. You can run coax out the kitchen window. The refrigerator is on the left and cupboards are on the right. A minimal amount of cooking utensils and silverware is furnished.
Photo credit: Pete, NN9K

View of kitchen window and coax from the outside
Photo credit: Pete, NN9K

The Maxotel from a different angle with
rooms 1-5 on the left and 6-10 are right

Photo credit: Pete, NN9K

The Isthmus of Miquelon
The Maxotel is just right of centre
Photo credit: Dave, VE7VR

The Maxotel --- with the white doors
Photo credit: Dave, VE7VR

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Notes about the Maxotel and Miquelon Island by Pete, NN9K


  • Car rental available at the Maxotel

  • Laundromat available at the Maxotel uses tokens which can be bought at motel

  • Kitchenette 2 burners only, minimal cookware- 1 skillet, 2 pans, colander. Flatware, dishes and various sizes of glasses for 4. Can opener, corkscrew & vegetable peeler. Small refrigerator.

  • Note: 200 feet from the kitchen window of room 10 to the drop-off at the beach. 30 feet or so from the drop-off to the water depending on the tide.

  • Rocky surface

  • No phones in the rooms or public phone at the Maxotel

  • No Internet access onsite -- you need to go to the Library for public Internet access.

  • Outlets - Living room (2 beds): 3 outlets (one is used for the TV)

  • Electrical outlets: Kitchen: 2, Bedroom: 2, Bathroom: 1 -- and all are 240 volt with European plugs.

  • Grocery store hours: 9:00 to 12:00 and 4:30 to 7:30, closed Sundays

  • Snack bar (Snack Bar-a-Choix) hours: 11:00 to 1:00 and 7:00 to 9:00 (9:30 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday) Closed on Monday. Better value for the money than the Restaurant Brian.

  • About a 15 minute walk from the Maxotel to the grocery store or the snack bar. 

  • No trees or antenna supports available at Maxotel.


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