St. Pierre & Miquelon



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The Journey Begins

Andy, VE7AHA building our shipping crates

These will be the nicest crates our
shipping company has ever seen!


Andy, VE7AHA delivers the four shipping
crates he has built to our warehouse

Supplies for the operation will leave
 Vancouver, BC by truck in mid September

(l to r) Dale, VE7SV; Steve, VE7CT and Lee, VE7CC unload the 80m 4-square antenna parts
in preparation for shipping.


Dale, VE7SV with the 80m 4-square
components that are being shipped inside our
 light gauge tower sections


(l to r) Dale, VE7SV and Steve, VE7CT
'cheers 'n beers in support
of the upcoming operation'


(l to r) Dale, VE7SV; Lee, VE7CC and Steve, VE7CT
with all the gear for the DXpedition that has now arrived in Vancouver. We ship to FP mid Sept.


(l to r) Jason, VE7AG; Paul, VA7NT; Lee, VE7CC and Dale, VE7SV with one of our SteppIR antennas

Jason, VE7AG adds the big persuader (to be
used for driving rebar to support the 4-sqaure)
to the shipping crate


(l to r) Paul, VA7NT; Jason, VE7AG;
Dale, VE7SV, Dave, VE7VR and Lee, VE7CC
take break from packing chores

(l to r) Dale, VE7SV; Lee, VE7CC and Jason, VE7AG secure the 4-square components inside the
light gauge tower sections

Dave, VE7VR and Dale, VE7SV

The big day has come and the crates are
loaded onto a truck for the journey

Crates being loaded onto the Reimer truck
for shipment to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Easy does it with our cargo

And the load is complete!

Stay tuned for the next update.

Arrival on the East Coast

Team breakfast in VO1 - Friday Oct. 22, 2004

Visiting VO1AA
Operating from the Maxotel

(f to b) Dale, VE7SV; Paul, VA7NT and Lee, VE7CC
Photo credit: Dave, VE7VR

Looking east to EU from our front yard on
the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.
The SteppIR vertical is on the left and the first
of the 80m 4-sq elements on the right
Photo credit: Dave, VE7VR

The Isthmus of Miquelon
The Maxotel is just right of centre
Photo credit: Dave, VE7VR

The Maxotel --- with the white doors

Photo credit: Dave, VE7VR

Lee, VE7CC with his 80m 4-square
He dreamed about it on the west coast and
has built it on the east coast. Great job Lee!
Photo credit: Dave, VE7VR

(l to r) Dick, N7RO and Alan, VE7SZ
Photo credit: Dave, VE7VR

(l to r) Andy, VE7AHA and Dale, VE7SV
Photo credit: Dave, VE7VR

Ramon, XE1KK working RTTY with Dale, VE7SV
looking over his shoulder
Photo credit: Dave, VE7VR

"Team Miquelon"
(l to r) Paul, VA7NT; Andy, VE7AHA; Dale, VE7SV, Alan, VE7SZ
Dick, N7RO; Lee, VE7CC; Dave, VE7VR and Ramon, XE1KK


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