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QSL Card Processing Update (March 1, 2005)

We are pleased to report that our QSL card processing is back on track and as of today cards are being mailed. Please be patient, your request will be answered. On behalf of Team Miquelon, please accept our apology for this unexpected delay. 
Basic Information

A high quality, full color, QSL cards will be produced.

During the operation, you will be directed to for QSL information. That information in turn will lead you to this web site. Here is the way to request your cards.
QSL Direct

Direct cards should be sent to this address:
  Richard J Moen, N7RO
2935 Plymouth Drive
Bellingham, WA, 98225

QSL requests received direct will result in a direct response, subject to the following provisions. Please read the following in order to receive a direct card:

  • Ensure the QSO information on your card is clear and correct.
  • Enclose a good quality SASE of sufficient size and strength for the number of return cards expected. 
  • Enclose US dollars or sufficient IRCs (International Reply Coupons)  to meet postage costs by airmail or surface mail as appropriate. Loose USA stamps are also welcome. 
  • One IRC or one US dollar will pay for return postage for up to (3) three cards to any location. 
  • Additional dollars or IRC's are most welcome and will be used to help offset the costs of the DXpedition.
  • Any QSL request received direct but without an SASE, will receive confirmation via the bureau -- without exception.
Bureau Cards

QSL requests received via the bureau will receive a return card via the bureau. Ensure the QSO information on your card is clear and correct. Please mark your bureau cards   FP/VE7SV via N7RO
SWL Cards

The DXpedition policy concerning QSL to SWL reports is as follows:

SWL's requesting a QSL card may only do so via our DIRECT QSL criteria as set out on this page.  We will not send any SWL cards via the Bureau. 
The Bottom Line On Our QSL Policy

While ever attempt will be made to confirm all QSL requests received, there will undoubtedly be anomalies.

We will not QSL unless we are requested to do. When we do receive a QSL request, we will respond 100%, as defined above, provided the QSO is correct in our log.

That having been said -- when the QSO details on your card request do not find a direct match in our log, we will do our best to resolve the confusion. For instance:

  • If the time is wrong, we will QSL without question

  • If your callsign in the log is close (i.e. 'out' by a dit in CW or a similar sounding letter in SSB, we will QSL

  • In the unlikely event the band is wrong but all details are okay (suggesting a bad band change at our end), we will QSL.

  • In the unlikely event the mode is wrong but all details are okay (suggesting a bad band change at our end), we will QSL.

  • If you present us with any other combination of circumstances, your QSL request will be handled when all the other cards for this operation have been sent.

LOTW (Logbook Of The World)

We will upload our logs to the LOTW upon completion of the operation. This will include the CQ WW SSB contest logs. 

Online Log Search

If we can source a convenient, fast and relatively cost effective method of accessing the Internet from our QTH, we would like to have our logs available online during the operation. This initiative is a work in progress -- so please check back for updates on this item.. The logs will be available for search at: if everything works according to plan.


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