CC Cluster

User Manual

The best way to connect to the cluster is with the CC User program. This is a windows program that uses selection buttons for all the user configuration items. Using this program, it is a simple matter to customise your connection. Even if you are going to use another logging or contest program, it is the easiest way to configure your connection. After you have it configured, you can disconnect and reconnect with your other program. The settings will remain as they were before. If you insist on doing it manually, follow the directions given in the following pages.

Band Mode

Use this to set which bands and modes you want to see.

Band Filters

Use this to select the countries/states for Dx Spots, Announcements, Wx Alerts

For Dx spots, each band can have its own set of filters. With these filters you can select which countries/states you want to see spots from and which countries/states you want to see spots for. You can select local states for say 6 meters, and 160 and world wide for 80-10 or any combination you wish.

Time Filters

Use this to select which hours of the day you wish to see spots from which bands.


User Program