Filtering Bands by Time of Day

Only works with CC Clusters

Requires version 2.333 or higher.

This filter allows dx spots for each band to be enabled during a user selectable time period each day. Each band has its own settings. If you only want to see 160 meter spots from 30 minutes before sunset until 30 minutes after sunrise, then this is for you. Or if you don't want 20 meter spots after dark, then this is also for you.

There is no limit to how many bands can have different filters. Each band can have its own specific time slot.

Your settings will be stored by the cluster, so next time you connect, you will be using the same set of filters.



This example shows 6 bands, each with a different setup.

You can specify times relative to SR(Sunrise) or SS(Sunset) or enter a specific time in GMT. Times before sunset are entered as "SS/-xx" and those after sunset are "SS/+xx". Sunrise(SR) uses the same convention. For GMT times, you can enter a "Z" after the time, but it is not required.

Any band without a specific time slot will be enabled for any time.

If you don't have your location set, then your sunrise and sunset times cannot be calculated and then you cannot use times relative to your local sun times.

To remove a band, uncheck it and then "Tell Cluster"

How to Use

"Live spots" are run through this and any other filtering you have setup.

SH/DX, SH/FDX will give you UNFILTERED spots.

SH/MYDX, SH/MYFDX gives you FILTERED spots.

See also SSID info

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