Band & Mode Filtering

You can tailor the dx spots from CC Cluster to only the bands and modes that interest you.

The default setting for new users is to receive all dx spots for all modes from 160 to 6 meters, excluding 60 meters.

To reset the band/mode filter to pass everything, enter "set/filter dxbm/off".

To display your current settings, enter "sh/filter dxbm".

You can change any band or band/mode

You can set the band or band/mode to either pass or reject.

You can add items one at a time, or all at once.

For example:

To add 6 meters, you enter "set/filter dxbm/pass 6".
To delete 80 meter and 40 meter cw, enter "set/filter dxbm/reject 80-cw,40-cw"

Although the band/mode has a "mode" name, it does not mean that when you select 40-RTTY that you are selecting only RTTY spots. What it really means is that you are selecting the frequency range in the following table that corresponds to this name. In this case 7040-7100. The actual mode may be anything. The only thing you have selected is a frequency range.

SH/MYDX is the command to use to see dx spots that have been run through your filters.
"sh/mydx/50" will give you 50 filtered spots.

The sh/dx command will give you unfiltered spots.
"sh/dx/50" will give you 50 unfiltered spots.

DXBM Frequencies
Band ModeLowHighBand ModeLowHighBand ModeLowHigh
160-CW 18001850   160-SSB18502000
80-CW3500358080-RTTY 3580360080-SSB36004000
40-CW7000704040-RTTY 7040710040-SSB71007300
20-CW140001407020-RTTY 140701415020-SSB1415014350
15-CW210002107015-RTTY 210702120015-SSB2120021450
12-CW 248902492012-RTTY249202493012-SSB2493024990
10-CW280002807010-RTTY 280702830010-SSB2830029700