Different Bands, Different Filters

Only works with CC Clusters

This feature allows different bands to have different filtering. When a particular band has had a filter applied, the tag "Defined" will show next to the band name indicating this.

This feature applies to the Country Filter Types of Spotter Country and Dx Country and to the State Filter Types of Spotter State and Dx State.

There is no limit to how many bands can have different filters. Each band can have its own specific filtering if desired.

Your settings will be stored by the cluster, so next time you connect, you will be using the same set of filters.

Country Setup


This example shows where 80 meters has a specific filtering setup. After selecting the countries you want, you must press "Tell Cluster". This transfers the settings to the cluster, where the actual filtering is done. Only spots selected will be sent to you from the cluster. In this case only spots originating in K VE or XE.

20 meters also has had filtering set at the cluster. This is shown by the tag "Defined" next to 20. To display the 20 meter setup you need to select 20.

If you want to remove a specific band, select that band and then press the "Set Band to Default" button.

Any band not having its own setup will use the "All" setting.

State & Province Setup

state province

This example shows where the W6 and W7 states plus selected Canadian provinces are set to pass.

Once again, after making your selection, you must "Tell Cluster" before it becomes active. To see your current settings, press "Ask Cluster". This will transfer all your settings currently stored at the cluster to your screen.

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