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The Early Years and Ten New Countries

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Making record speed in life position, purpose and identity all very well defined. That pretty much describes our friend Martti, OH2BH, the consummate DXer.

For Martti, life just continues to get better with the biggest of changes being quite recent in the overall chronology of his major life experiences. In 2000, after living abroad for seven years most recently in Beijing, China, Martti and his family returned home to their native Finland. On a personal level, the homecoming would prove to have added significance for Martti as it marked the culmination of many of his favourite ham activities over the last 40 years.
At one point in time Martti wanted to do what he perceived as the ultimate event in radio -- activate a new country for the world DX community. Looking back (to date) he has added ten such entities to the DXCC  oh2bh_early.jpg (12033 bytes) program. At the same time, while he once aspired to be a contest champion, little did he know that he would dominate the CQWW for four solid decades. A direct by-product of his fondness for the contest arena was the development of an entire new team philosophy toward contesting the Formula one approach.

Any of the ten (10) all-time new countries would make a headline story by themselves and we should note them for the record: 3C0AN, OJ0MR, S0RASD, 4J1FS, BV9P, BS7H, H40AA, E44DX, P51BH and TX0DX.
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