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The Actor, the Audience and the locations

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What else can be said about Martti? On a personal note, I think a word about his on-air operating style is in order. When I first heard Martti (long before I was licensed) and later once I became licensed and had the pleasure to work him myself, I couldn’t help but notice his desire to dedicate time to each contact that he made – his respect for fellow operators is truly genuine. I believe one of his on-air objectives is a desire to assist everyone to secure either their first contact with him or a new country. He is very workable!

Finally, I have heard Martti promote what I believe he calls the "actor and audience" concept of operating. Using this approach to control the eagerness of today’s operators anxious for a new country, Martti is able maintain a positive dialogue in the pileup that allows him to secure orderly operating and a happy audience. The net result – everybody gets to work the new one and feel good about the experience.

Some of the exotic locations from which we've had the opportunity to work Martti over the years... 
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