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DXer and Contester with the Right Stuff

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Over the years we've heard (and worked) Martti from a variety of contest stations as well as stations a great deal closer to his own home in Finland. Here are some examples of both...  
1966 CQWW OH2AM Team

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Martti is (without question) one of the most accomplished DXers of our time. OH2BE.jpg (20659 bytes)With the support of his loving wife, Lenna, OH2BE he has pursued his passion for radio quite literally around the world on numerous occasions. While life on the DXers side of the microphone and key is exhilarating as the seemingly relentless pileups are worked, it's also fraught with tremendous human challenges that test an individuals ability to function under what is often an extremely demanding environment. Like anything in life worth doing well, it takes practice to develop the required level of human stamina to deliver your best under DXpedition conditions -- without question, Martti has the right stuff

3c0an_2.jpg (27095 bytes)In the image on the left you see Ville, OH2MM (L) and Martti (R) recovering from malaria in Helsinki's Aurora Hospital after the 3C0AN DXpedition. Fortunately, the bedside table was just large enough for the radio! 3c0an_1.jpg (16793 bytes)From the real-time thrill of the event as seen in the image on the right, to the post-event agony of being hospitalized with malaria were the two sides to this DXpedition -- but that's a DXers  life! Martti sums up the 3C0AN DXpedition by saying it was his "first serious love... dx-wise that is".

The physical, emotional and mental challenges faced by the intrepid DXer are too numerous to mention. But suffice to say that from the frigid extremes of the Antarctic to the humid jungles of Africa; from contracting a disease like malaria to enduring the political fall-out and unbelievable disappointment that arises from failed negotiations with foreign dignitaries -- it's all part of being a true DXer. Over the years Martti has proven his resilience and resourcefulness in the face of these challenges time-and-time again for one simple reason --- he constantly dreams the DX-dream.  In the words of the legendary Red-Eyed Louie, 

Oh, lonely night, last forever.
You have made me learn to live and love,
And work DX...

It seems appropriate to summarize this retrospective on Martti with some words from another legendary character - non other than the Old Timer who suggests "DXing is a state of mind" and you should "judge a DXer by what they are and what they think, not what they have worked." And that was all he would say.

This retrospective was written and assembled by Paul, VE7BZ (ex VE7AVV)

Some QSL imagery was sourced from the Internet while other key images were supplied 
by Brent, VE7BD and Jim, W6YA. Thank you for your support in producing these pages.

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