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The Radio Legends

General Hints 'n Kinks

Don, W6AM: a 1986 field trip to the super-station
Pg2 , Pg3 , Pg4
PL259 Connector Cross-Section Photos
Rush Drake, W7RM: Pg1 , Pg2 , Pg3 , Pg4 Advice on QSLing from N7NN
Danny Weil, VP2VB Packaging Radio Equipment for Shipping
Gus Browning, W4BPD  
Don Miller, W9WNV  
Romeo Stepanenko: Pg1 , Pg2 , Pg3 Crimp-on coax connectors for RG-213
Golden Days of DXing Crimp-on coax connectors for LMR-400


Antenna, Rotor and Tower related

Heathkit SB-220 Amplifier Page How to connect unlabeled prop-pitch motor wiring
VE7AVV - YAESU FL-2100Z Amplifier Repairs K7NV Prop Pitch Information
Alpha Amps (specifications for all models) C.A.T.S Rotor and Parts
Russian tubes: ORIGINAL data sheets Ham-M style rotor connector replacement
  Balun Information
  VE7AVV -- BN86 balun replacement on a TH6

Suppliers and Swap Boards


Links to radio-related suppliers Contest Log File Conversion Utilities
Hamstuff by N7NN ARRL: Glossary of Amateur Radio Terms
QTH.COM Classified Ads ARRL: Abbreviations used in the QST Publication Classified Ads Find Geographic Locations
Hard to find computer related cabling? -- Whitby, Ontario
TLE Updates
   Coax Cable and Line Loss Calculator
  Kusashi Group online calculators (radio related)

Clubs and Organizations

Reference Material
RAC (Radio Amateurs of Canada)

Coax Cable Specifications

ARRL (American Radio Relay League) How to read Resistor Color Codes
RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain)

How to read lat and long on a BC Hydro pole tag

JARL (Japan Amateur Radio League)

Very nice (printable) HF Band Plans

Central Oregon DX Club

A bit of telegraph history

Willamette Valley DX Club

Western Washington DX Club  
Spokane DX Association  
CE Contest Group  
Regulatory Humor
Industry Canada Introduces Alternatives to
Morse Code Requirement for (full) HF privileges
Flea-speak (the vernacular of hamfest flea markets)
  Words of Wisdom, Humor and Inspiration


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