VE7AVV -- TH6 balun replacement project

Created: September 21, 2003

This BN86 is at least 25 years old. While it had served me well, it was time for a replacement.

Scrapping out the DuctSeal revealed a hole in the case and corrosion around the PL259 connector

Being curious about the innards of a device that sells new for $80 US, a DREMEL tool was used to cut the case.
There really isn't a great deal one can say -- it's ugly.

It's amazing the KW's that entered here found
their way out of this maze to the DX!

The simplistic new balun is 4-turns of RG213 on a PVC form that is just under 7 inches in diameter. To get a real nice edge on the thick-wall PVC material, cut it on a table saw. Use UV-resistant tie-wraps.

Standard pig-tails -- 8" per leg with " lug terminals (crimped and soldered). Each leg is covered with UV-resistant shrink tubing. The 'Y' is wrapped with tape and then coated with a layer of StarBrite liquid tape

New balun installed for the TH6.
The balun should be insulated from the boom. In this installation, the balun is air-mounted 4" below the boom -- suspended with ⅜" rope. .


Keep the distance between the last turn of the balun and the feed-point as short as possible.


StarBrite liquid tape keeps the connections dry and makes opening an old connection easy.

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