Making Crimp coax connectors for LMR-400

LMR-400 cable and the Times Microwave EZ400 connector series


The best crimp connectors for LMR-400 cable are made by Times Microwave. While a little pricey, the EZ400 connector group is the ideal solution to your LMR-400 connector issues.  These connectors are very easy to install (with the correct tool set) and the fit to LMR-400 cable is superb!

To make the EZ400 crimps, you need the HX-4 piston crimping tool with the Y1719 die, the DBT-01 de-burring tool and the ST-400EZ rotary stripping tool -- or you could buy the TK-400EZ kit.  Here is a page from the Times Microwave catalog showing these tools.

Here are the three most common EZ400 connectors

EZ-400 NMH D (Type N male)
Install video

EZ-400 NF (Type N female)

The EZ-400 UM (PL259)
Go to the Times Microwave site for installation videos.

Note: There are two videos for this series of connector.
Click on the EZ-400-NMC-2 (28.5 Mb) file for the
installation of the EZ-400 Type N (male) connector.

Note:  Given the large file size, download
speed is usually slow from the site, so please be patient
and the file will eventually download to your computer.


EZ-400-NMH Connector Installation Procedure on LMR-400

All three connectors in this series (shown above) use exactly the same install procedure. Just follow the images below for perfect connectors on LMR-400 cable. Source: (used with thanks to Times Microwave)


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