St. Pierre & Miquelon



Dale, VE7SV
Team Leader

  • First licensed in 1960 at age 15 as VE7BFN
  • In 1963 became VE7BFN/ VE8 and later VE8AA and VE8RR
  • In 1965 I went on my first DXpedition as ZF1SV in the Cayman Islands
  • Some of the DXpeditions that I may have worked you from are as follows:  ZF1SV, ZF9SV, ZF9SV/ZF8,VP2MSV, VP2M, VP2A, 3D2SV, 3D2AM (Conway Reef), CP6AA, VE7SV/CP6, BT1X, BT1DX, ZL/VE7SV, P40SV, CY9A (St Paul Island), OH/VE7SV, OH0/VE7SV, UA1A/VE7SV, UA3A/VE7SV and UB5J/VE7SV.
  • My greatest thrill has been to participate in the WRTC (World Radio Team Championships) representing Canada. You may recall working me as:
    • K7ZR in 1990 in Seattle with Lee, VE7CC
    • W6O in 1996 in San Francisco as a referee for Team South Africa
    • S521H in 2000 from Slovenia with Gary, VA7RR
    • OJ6K in 2002 from Finland with Andy, VE7AHA.

Jason, VE7AG
6 meter advisor

  • First licensed in 1996 as VE7AGG
  • In 2002 I acquired the call VE7AG
  • Primary interest is 6m band and have struggled my way up to 38 countries, mostly on cw
  • Without question, the highpoint of my 6m DX activities to date came on June 10, 2001 when I (along with a few other VE7's) finally succeeded in an over the pole contact with Europe!
  • I do occasionally operate the upper weak signal VHF bands as well as enjoy HF contesting and low band DXing

Andy, VE7AHA

Equipment Manager

  • I was first licensed as WV2AYM in 1958
  • In 1959 I was WA2AYM
  • In 1972 I became VE7AHA
  • Recent trips have included T32HA, V31HA, S5, OH and OH0 -- each included lots of radio but also some very special fishing experiences -- regretfully, none have included twins.
  • OJ6K in 2002 WRTC from Finland with Dale, VE7SV

Lee, VE7CC
 Low Band Antennas

  • First licensed as VE7BDJ in 1962 at age 16
  • I attained 5BDXCC #134 in 1972
  • In 1974 I changed my call to VE7CC
  • Participated in the WRTC (World Radio Team Championships) representing Canada. You may recall working me as:
    • K7ZR in 1990 in Seattle with Dale, VE7SV
    • K6Q in 1996 in San Francisco with Gary, VA7RR
  • In 2002 I was TI5/VE7CC
  • In 2001 I was part of the YK9A DXpedition
  • Mainly operate HF contests and chase DX, especially on 80 meters
  • As well as contesting from home, I have had the pleasure of contesting from VE6JY (2000), VE3EJ (many times), as well as a member of multi op teams from both VE7SZ and VE7SV
  • Sysop of local DX Clusters (VE7CQD and VE7CC) since 1989
  • Wrote the 'AR User' Telnet user program for connecting to DX Clusters

Steve, VE7CT
Equipment Support

  • First licensed in 1957 as VE4SW followed by VE4XJ -- a call I held for 22 years apart from three years as VE5XJ in Regina, Saskatchewan
  • In 1980 I moved to B.C. and was issued VE7EXJ
  • I received my current call VE7CT in 1985
  • In 1990 along with VE7SV and a team of international hams including Martti, OH2BH, was privileged to go on a high profile DXpedition to Conway Reef as 3D2AM
  • In 2000 I was invited on another high profile DXpedition K5K on Kingman Reef with a stop at Palmyra. During this trip I also operated as T32R from Kiribati (Christmas Island) while awaiting our boat transportation. 

Dave, VE7VR
Team Photographer

  • First licensed in 1969 as VE4EW
  • In 1979 I moved from Winnipeg to Botswana, Africa with my family and became A2CEW.  In the 9 months I was on the air from this location (using an FTDX-400 and 2 el yagi), I made about 2200 contacts. It was an incredible experience which solidified my interest in Ham Radio, DX'ing and traveling.
  • In 1980 I moved to British Columbia and became VE7FIJ, but was unable to erect anything more significant than a vertical until 1992 when I moved into a house with my wife and 7 year old daughter.
  • In 1991 I was able to change my call to VE7VR
  • In March 2001 my wife and I went on a 1 week trip to Belize in central America. I operated as V31VR and worked 1200 stations (80% CW) with very simple antennas.
  • I also hold VE3SSJ for my station on St. Joseph Island -- near Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Dick, N7RO
QSL Manager

  • I was first licensed in 1953 at age 12 with the call W7VRO
  • I worked 77 countries as a novice and found DX and Contesting were my thing
  • In 1972 I put up monobanders on 40 thru 10m plus (6) six wire antennas for 80m to support my multi op contest activities over the ensuing 25 years. In 1997 I reverted back to being a single op contester.
  • In 1976 I got the vanity call N7RO and since then have worked 360 countries on SSB. On CW, I've worked all but VU4 and P5 for a mode total of 359.
  • In 1996 I have shifted focus to chasing IOTA's and I'm at the 850 level now
  • My personal DX calls include. 8P6DM, FM0IX, J6LAM, VP2GBG and  ZK1RRO (So. Cooks).
  • I have operated at ZK1XXP (No. Cooks) and YK9A, Syria
  • I have been the ARRL Northwestern Div. DX Advisory Committee representative since 1994

Ramon, XE1KK
Donation Coordinator
RTTY, PSK31 and Satellite

  • First licensed as XE1RL in 1979. Changed to XE1XMT in 1984 and finally got XE1KK in 1992. In 2002, I also acquired VE7RKK and WT2T
  • I have been a member of the XE1RCS multi operator team for CQWW 160m Phone since 1996 (First Place World in 2001)

  • I was a member of the HC8N team for CQWW WPX Phone in 2002 (Second Place World M/S) and 2003 (First Place World M/M, World Record) and for CQWW Phone 2002 (First Place World M/S)

  • Also member of ES9C in CQWW Phone 2000, 6D2VHF and 4C2X on several VHF contest from Baja California and of XF2RCS Isla de Lobos (NA-221) first time activation

  • Places from which I have operated include: A4, 9K2, TF, OX, HC, HC8, K, KH6, KP2, KP4, TG, ES, SM, VE, LX, DL, OH, OH0, PA, HB0, LU and CX

  • My current non-radio goal is to achieve “DXCC on foot”, having already visited 86 countries, including some of the top ones on the “Most Needed” list such as North Korea, Yemen and Bhutan.  FP will be my 87th DXCC entity visited




Paul, VA7NT
Computers and Logging

  • First licensed in 1966 as WN6ZJN
  • In 1982 licensed as VE7CQK
  • With the opening of the VA7 call-block in 2000 I became VA7NT
  • I have had the pleasure of contesting as a member of the multi op team from VE7SV over the past couple of years

Allan, VE7SZ

  • First licensed in 1963 as VE7BOD, then as VE7AON and now VE7SZ.
  • I am interested in HF contests and working DX
  • My focus is on 80m.
  • The VE7SZ station near Langley, B.C. has hosted several great operators, in single op, MS and MM contests

Paul, VE7AVV
Webmaster, Virtual Pilot and
Team Communications

  • First licensed in 1999 as VE7AVV
  • Mainly operate HF contests and chase DX on 80 meters where I have 117 countries worked
  • I have worked 306 counties -- including P5 on both 10 & 15m
  • I am a DXCC member
  • Webmaster for BCDX Club

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