K5K - Kingman Reef 2000 DXpedition

Steve, VE7CT was a member of the highly successful K5K - Kingman Reef 2000 DXpedition. Beginning on October 21, 2000 and running through November 1, 2000, the K5K team delivered over 80,000 QSO's to the deserving around the world. Operating on all bands (including 6m), the operation included RTTY which proved to be very popular in Europe on 15m.     

The other DXpedition members were: Garry, NI6T; Tom, N4XP; Ann, WA1S; Ned, AA7A; Bob, K4UEE; Roman, RZ3AA; Kimo, KH7U; Mike, KH6ND; Patrick, NH6UY; Katsu, JH7OHF; Alan, K5AB; Joe, KO4RR; Max, I8NHJ, Dave, WB4JTT. 


Location: Oceania, reef in the North Pacific Ocean, about half way between Hawaii and American Samoa.

Geographic coordinates: 6 24 N, 162 24 W

Area:  1 sq km

Local History: Kingman was discovered in 1798 by the American Captain Fanning, but it was named after Captain Kingman, who visited the reef in 1853. It was annexed by the US in 1922 and made a US Naval reservation in 1934. In 1937, Pan Am began air mail service between Hawaii and New Zealand using flying boats, and they used Kingman Reef's sheltered lagoon as a stopover. A schooner was anchored there as a sort of hostel and supply ship. The route was abandoned after a seaplane was lost off Samoa in 1938. Kingman Reef is still under control of the US Navy and permission to visit is only occasionally granted.

Previous DXpeditions to Kingman included: 

KP6KR - 1974 The "First" KR Expedition; KP6BD in 1977; WA2FIJ/KH5K in 1980; AD0S/KH5K in 1981; K9AJ/KH5K in 1988 and N9NS/KH5K in 1993.


DXpedition photos courtesy of Steve, VE7CT    (click on any picture for a larger image)

K5K - Tent layout (L to R): Stores, Operating, Gazebo and the Shower / Latrine. Note: the 3el Triband Yagi was  consistently outperformed by the 2el 1/2 wave verticals -- by as much as 10 to 15 db

k5k_6.jpg (64257 bytes)


2el - SVDA (Switchable Vertical Dipole Array) at dawn

k5k_1.jpg (36950 bytes)

The two operating tents: (L) 5 station tent and (R) the 2 station tent

k5k_2.jpg (50450 bytes)

VE7CT - delivering K5K to the deserving

k5k_7.jpg (58885 bytes)

Inside the 5 station tent

k5k_9.jpg (39497 bytes)

The relentless wave action at K5K

k5k_5.jpg (41144 bytes)

The Machias at sunset

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