Filtering and SSIDs

What is an SSID?

You may have seen some calls with a dash followed by a number, ie VE7CC-4. The SSID for this call is -4. SSIDs originated in the days of TNCs. They were a way of identifying different simultaneous connections.

Filtering and SSIDs

You can use any SSID from nothing (actually it's -0) to -99 when connecting to a CC Cluster. SSIDs from 0 to -15 all use the same filtering. Above -15 each SSID can contain unique filtering that is not shared with any other SSID. That means if you have two connections, one as -7 and another as -14, when you change the filtering for one, you are changing the filtering for the other one as well. It will not take effect on the second one until it disconnects and reconnects. If the second connection used -16 for an SSID, it would use its own set of filters, competely uneffected by changes made to any other SSID.


If you want to use different filtering at different times, then setup two or more filters using different SSIDs. Then simply change your call -SSID to use the filtering you want. You may want to setup one filter for use in the CQWW contest and a different one for SS and another for non contest times. ie non contest use VE7XXX, CQWW CW use VE7XXX-16, SS CW use VE7XXX-17 etc.

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