Fix Spots

Used to fix errors in the data received from your Dx Cluster.

Fixes country, state, CQ zone,ITU zone or grid square errors.

The red number below "Fixes" gives the number of times data from this table was used since the last restart of the AR User program. In the case shown, there have been 128 fixes to received data. Data shown in red is data that has replaced incorrect data from the cluster. ie 8J country of CE9 was changed to JA, VK0JLX was corrected to be in CE9 etc.

Fix Spots

Download Data

By pressing the "Web Update" button on the form shown, you will receive a new menu. Pressing Update at this point will take information from the Internet and locally update your fixspots list. You can select either "merge" or "replace" when updating from the Internet. Merge will merge your local list with the Internet list. Replace simply replaces your existing list with one from the Internet.

Enter your own data

Enter a call in "Add" and then enter the data you want to be shown when spots for this call arrive. Or you can edit any data in the existing table. Then press "Update" to save the new data. You can use "*" after a prefix to modify all spots for this prefix.

Dx Spider defaults all ZK1s to ZK1/N. The example shown makes them default to ZK1/S. You can add any exceptions into the table. Similar problems exist for 8J calls.