AR Cluster Filter Errors

Unfortunately some of the filtering at AR Cluster nodes doesn't work the way it should. These filtering errors generate a lot of email to me.

This does not apply to CC Cluster or Dx Spider nodes as there appears to be no problems with their filters.

Although these filtering errors originate at the AR Cluster nodes, the CC User(AKA AR User) program now can fix some of them. It can't fix them all, but at least it can fix some of them. This is done by running the spots through a local set of filters, which are the same as the ones at the node. This discards spots that the AR Cluster filtering should not have passed.

At present this "fix" only works for Dx spots that are filtered using the Dx Cty and Dx Orig Cty settings. It only works when these filters are set to "Pass". Setting these filters to "Reject" can stop dx spots that you want to see. Setting to "Reject" is NOT recommended. This error correction ONLY works for live spots. Old spots are not processed. As time permits, other filtering problems will be addressed.

You may see unwanted spots in the raw window of CC User. These spots will be discarded. A count of the spots discarded is given under the tab "Setting" and in the box "Technical Stuff". If you don't see anything in this box, then your filtering at the AR Cluster node is working the way it is supposed to work.

To test this filter out, set either or both of the "Dx Origination" and "Dx Country" filters to pass only "EA6, GI, OK, TF" and nothing else. You may see spots in the raw window for many stations that should have been rejected. These will be caught by the CC User filters and discarded.

Setting too many countries to pass will generate an error message from AR Cluster. This message usually has nothing at all to do with the number of countries that have been set. Any error message immediately following setting of countries means that AR Cluster can not process this many countries and therefore will not use this setting. The only solution is to set less countries. The maximum that can be set appears to be about 70 or so. It seems to vary.

"Set>Correct Filtering Errors" is enabled by default.

It also enables "Set>Auto Show/Filters/Settings".

You can turn these off if you wish.

As always, if you see any problems, send me an message.

If it works for you, I would also like to hear about it.