VE7BZ - 160m Inverted L antenna

November 16, 2008

For 160m I use an Inverted 'L' (between two trees) that has a 107 foot vertical section with the short balance on the horizontal. Based on the number of EU contacts to date, the antenna seems to transmit very well. For receive I use my 480' beverage for 160m that runs northeast out into the back of the property.

Over the past couple of weeks I have added radials to the antenna bringing the total to 18; each one is 136 feet in length. The following plots were generated using the (WX0B) AIM-4170 antenna analyzer and they show a wide view of the antenna -- in terms of the (scale) of the plot and then one that presents a more detailed in-band plot.

The wide view of the antenna with the red line showing SWR and the green line showing impedance.

This more detailed plot shows a little more detail


Radial termination plate

Plate is 1/4" aluminum 36" wide.
Those are electric fence insulators
 to step it out from wall

Larger conductor in the
centre goes to ground rod

This is the feed-point


This is on the other side of the
 wall from the feed-point the Tour Page

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