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BC participation in the PNW Challenge Cup

Prepared by Jim Smith VE7FO | Nov. 22, 2010

As the PNW Cup Coordinator for the Club, I'm the person who collects the members' points, fills in the spreadsheet where the Club's points are accumulated over the contest season and publishes it. I do this for both BCDXC and Orca DXCC.

When I was only handling the BCDX Club it was pretty simple. The members reported their scores to 3830 and I found them and published them. Some also e-mailed me their scores.

Now that I'm handling both BCDXC and Orca the 3830 method doesn't work anymore because I can't tell from 3830 where someone's points should go, particularly for members of both Clubs.

Here's what I've come up with. It sounds like a lot of unnecessary detail but it's needed in order to properly allocate the points to the various Clubs. The new reporting process will be used for CQ WW CW and ensuing contests.

The info I need is as follows.


I need your Call and raw score. This is the score submitted to the Contest Sponsor (if you submitted your score. For PNW purposes it doesn't matter if you didn't). I don't need QSOs, Mults or whatever, just the total points.

I need to know the call of the station where you operated (to make sure you were in the overall Club Region).

I need to know which Club(s) you want to allocate your points to so I can make sure they get there. While it might seem that obviously they go to your Club, the rules state that any member of any of the PNW Clubs can allocate his or her points to any of the clubs in any proportion he or she chooses. Also, there are a number of members who also belong to other PNW Clubs and may wish to allocate their points to the other club.

For example, I'll be allocating my points to the BCDXC for this contest season as a thank you gesture for all the help and mentoring I've received from the members. In my view, it would be nice for others with dual membership in Orca and BCDXC to think about maybe doing the same thing (or even split the points 50-50 between the two Clubs).


As above I need the Call and raw score of the reporting member.

I need to know the call of the station where the operation took place (to make sure you were in the overall Club Region and whether or not the station owner is a PNW member).

I need the calls of ALL the ops and which PNW club they belong to. If they don't belong to at least one put "None".

I need to know which Club(s) each PNW member op wants to allocate his points to.

Note that this also applies to members who operated at a non-member's multi-op. Just one report per operation please.



The Cup Coordinators for the various clubs don't usually enter scores until a little while after the contest submission deadline (because they only want to do it once). Once all the Clubs have entered their scores on the common spreadheet I PDF it and we all post it to our respective Club web sites. Members can then check to see how the Club is doing and if their scores have been entered correctly.

73, Jim VE7FO
Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The following PNW Challenge introduction explains how it all works.

Download the following files and put them all into the same directory.

Run the PNW Cup 0_1_0.pps to see the details.

You will need:

Depending on your web browser, the slideshow may run directly from the web site (this works in Internet Explorer, for example). If the PDF files don't open from within the slideshow, you can open them yourself.

BE SURE TO READ THE FIRST SLIDE, "HOW TO RUN THE SHOW" and follow the instructions. If you don't, none of it will make much sense.

If you have any problems running the show there are some suggestions built into it (Slides 2-6). If you still can't make it work drop me an e-mail.

If you find any errors, please let me know.

Jim Smith VE7FO
BCDXC PNW Cup Coordinator


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