July 2, 2005 Club meeting at VE7SV on Mt. Thom

Our special guest was Stan, K6WG of ICOM America.
Stan is also know to many of us as UU5JZ ex UY5LK and UK5MAF.  It was great to finally meet him

L to R: Steve, VE7CT, Dale, VE7SV and Stan, K6WG

L to R: Jim, VE7WG, Dale, VE7SV and Stan, K6WG


L to R: Andy, VE7AHA, Steve, VE7CT and Dale, VE7SV

L to R: Earl, VE7IN, Steve, VE7CT, Jim, VE7FO,
 Brent, VE7BD and Al, W7EKM

The whole 2005 gang plus guests

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