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FP/VE7SV Virtual Pilot Strategy

During the FP/VE7SV DXpedition, the team will receive daily email updates via the virtual pilot process. This approach has been used very successfully during recent major DXpeditions and here is how it works.
  • We will not utilize the conventional pilot process. 
  • We will have a special e-mail address to which anyone can send messages to the Team. These e-mails will be summarized and forwarded to us on the island.
  • The Team will not respond to any email during the operation.
  • No skeds will be made, but we do want to hear your feedback on our operation in real-time. For instance, are we covering your area of the world, are we listening on frequencies which are clear and OK for your area or are we missing important band openings? Please help us so we can put FP in your log as a new one.
  • Please read the latest 'Daily Updates' before you e-mail us -- your question or comment might already have been answered or addressed.
  • Our Team members will discuss the daily email summary at their daily team meetings. Your voice will be heard by the Team.

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