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Hi FP/VE7SV guys

Thanks for exciting QSO on 160. You were always booming here in Vienna, you were always on the band at same time like beacon !! Please find my recording of your booming signal on 160 attached.  I hope all DXpedition had such  real 599
signal on this band. Looking forward to seeing QSL card.

73 Jun, OE1ZKC/ JH4RHF

Hello All of YOU!!

Congragts fer fine signals from FP.
Marvelous , big super signal on 160m cw!!
All the best to All of You

73 Alpo OH3TM

FP DXpeditioner's:
I wish to thank you all for one of the best DXpedition's I have ever worked.
Having been on the other end (S07L) I must commend all operators on their consummate
 professionalism, strategic skills and preparedness. Thanks for a job well done!

73 and DX -- Bela de N8SHZ

Thanks for a superb operation. -- SM6BWQ Bror

Hello Dale and Ramon

We hope you are having a good time in all respect with the operation. It was great to hear all the team active just a little
 before the timer on your web page expired... Great Project Management Job !!

It was also nice for us to work you yesterday night on 40 SSB.
Edy and Diego, LU2DKT and LU8ADX

A great team has done a great job. Fantastic cw, fantastic signals... I wanna say "Thank you" to all of you.

Hope to see you again
Tom, DJ6YX

Just one word : CONGRATULATION

Wahoo , What can I say !!
Long time no hear a such class of operators ...
Got my licence in 1994 .. and I think you're really the best team I heard ..
Everytime .. good band at the good time .. good ears
I think you can give training to many expeditionners ;-) ..

So , just to say hello ,thanks for all , a real pleasure to listen you managing the pile up .
73 , Gil F5NOD  , Also TM2T during the CQWW SSB

Still looking for 10, 12, 30 rtty
Keep up the good work and don't eat too much of that French cooking.....LOL
Sometimes too much to drink isn't enough. 
W9OL, Bill H. in Chicago-land

Hello OM's,

A great surprise to hear your such BIG signal on 17 meters this morning (around 2100Z).
Andy, you must be congratulated for your smart CW operations.

Keep up your good work and thanks in advance.
Fred (JA1ADN)

I can't believe I worked you guys this morning, through the EU pile up, with
100 W into a 20ft "high" wire dipole. Whoever it is that logged me: you must 
have extraordinary hearing, congrats!
I'll be looking for you in CQWW. 
Thanks, 73, Gert - K5WW

congrats on your operation and Web page. Nice sigs on 25 Oct. 1955z SSB 18 MHz
73 Hans HB9XJ / Zurich Switzerland

Dr oms,
I made a second qso with you on 80 m a few minutes ago. I am sorry for that but nobody
was calling you and your sigs are so strong here in 07 Z that I tried to call you with
a very low power (2 W?) again. You answered immediately. It's unbelievable. 
I wish you good luck in the contest and a lot of fun. Thanks for all qs with you.
73 and cu in the contest, Jan, OK1QM

Dear OM 

Many thanks for great effort to service New One for JA's.. 
But very little JA's was worked on 80m. Please focus to JA at around 10:00z on 80m. 

Have a nice and safe trip. 73's
de JH2CMI  member of JA2ZJW 

To the Team:
Outstanding job with great signals and ops! Keep up the great job and 73 to all!
Lloyd - N6QI

Hi from Belgium,
Outstanding signals on 80 and 160 yesterday evening real 599 on the V160S TITANEX vertical
, don't even need the beverage to work you !And good ears too, worked you
 on 160 with 100 watts !
73's and keep on the good job.
GL, Marc, ON6AA

Listening to the team a lot; fun to hear the pileups and how well being worked. Tnx
to Ramon for RTTY Q and for chat on 12 meters - not heard you on 10, and no 160 antenna
- but rest of time, good to great signal in Oregon. Bravo to the team, and
BTW, great web site.  Kudos to the Webmaster.  Lots of little features, 
especially on photos which load quickly but can be expanded quickly - 
never seen it done this way before.   
Well done! 
73 from Eugene, OR 
Mark N7MQ

Hi Dale, Very many thanks for the qsy from 80m. On 80m you had a genuine 589 signal.. at
first i thought you were a European!! When You QSY'ed to 160 I heard you first time calling
me not loud but Q5...there was a S9 European about 300 c/s higher...your signal gradually
built up and at just my sunrise we made the QSO...fantastic!!!! After that you called Steve
but I did not hear him. Very many thanks for giving me a new one and via a polar path as well.
73 es dx de Mike VK6HD

Hi all, 
this is only to tell you: I am sooooo happy about my QSO with u in CQ WW. You were able to
hear me on 21 MHz  with my small 6 m indoor wire in SSB in the roaring "CQ World War Contest".
These are the contacts which really make my day. Best wishes and a safe journey back home. 

73 de Michael, DL2EBX 
(former Editor of DARC-Magazine "CQ DL")


I decided to let you know what happens of this side of the pile up. 

Yesterday Ramon did an excellent job working RTTY. For me it took more that 1,5 hrs to get
through. It was wall of calling stations for more than 20 Kc. Amazing popularity. 
Good luck! 
Nodir Tursoon-Zadeh, EY8MM

Hello guys!

I would like to say that you owe me new radio. You broke my S-meter with signals on 80 and
40 meters. :))) I still can't believe to 160 m qso. More sounds like miracle. You we stable 579!!!

It is hard to believe contacts. If somebody told me it few days ago I will never believe. 
Was very surprised about CQ on 80 m with NO callers. Did you work us all?

I nominate you for my EXPEDITION OF THE YEAR. I didn't have so many new ones on bands from
one expedition for the long time. I hope that I will be able to make it on WARC so please 
look for me in the middle of the pile up. Probably it is first dxpedition I was able to hear on
all bands.  

Nodir Tursoon-Zadeh, EY8MM

Dear HamFriends at FP/VE7SV,

Congratulations on Your CQ WW results!!

This surely is amongst most successful DX-peditions ever! All bands SSB & CW
activity day and night. Easy to find - Easy to work! With superb operators!

It reminds me of the likewise successful KP2A/D IDXF-team Desecheo-expedition
in june 1981, - 24hrs SSB & CW. Another milestone of excellence.

Kind Regards & 73s,
Robin, LB8CA

Hi FP Team,

Thank you for great great expedition, I'm not flattering, but the operation
is good, indeed!

Thanks and best wishes to the team.
David Zhou, BA4DW

The first full day you have got the Northwest covered like a blanket with very strong signals hours at a time. Hope your
signal on top band is half as good.
Good luck Guys

Just a quick THANK YOU for the great expedition and a new one for me on 40m SSB and 20m SSB.
Signals were very strong and operators were very good.

One of the best operated DXpeditions I have seen.  Just a tremendous job by all.  And special thanks to Ramon for the RTTY q's - muchas gracias, amigo! Now wish all a safe trip home!
73 from Mark N7MQ

Hi Dale/Lee

A piece of low-band trivia for you.

After I had calmed down and checked the accuracy of my clock (which was three minutes slow - a terrible sin for a low bander) and re-checked my sunrise time (which I had also had slightly wrong!), I discovered we actually worked almost exactly on my sunrise (2119Z) - which was when your signal peaked.

When I spoke to Mike VK6HD on the telephone, he said he had worked you exactly on his sunrise (which is considerably earlier than mine, Mike being about 450 kilometres south east of me) and your signal also peaked at this time.

Vy 73
Steve, VK6VZ

PS Both of us were using inverted vee dipoles up about 90' for tx, but Mike had Beverages on rx.  When he worked you, your signal was the same on both his NW and NE beverages.




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