Contesting Information

"If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough"

Contest Calendar and Information Sources

SM3CER Contest Service WA7BNM Contest Calendar
NCJ (National Contest Journal)
3830 Contest Score Submittal Form EI8IC's HF Contesting Website
World HF Contest Station Database OK1RR's DX and Contesting Page VK4DX Contest Calendar
Contesting FAQ by ZS1AN Great contest preparation checklist
by Central Texas DX and Contest Club

Contest Related Tools (Hardware & Software)

K1EA DVP (the best DVP card) N1MM
CT by K1EA

TR Log by N6TR

DX4WIN WriteLog by W5XD
WX0B Array Solutions ZS4TX "Super Keyer II"
Top Ten Devices W9XT Contest Card
microHAM   or   microHAM-USA YCCC Contest Cookbook

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