Dan, XQ4CW is CE Contest Group '2008 Contester of the Year'


In 2008 radio operators in 
Chile founded the CE Contest Group. The primary focus of the group is to encourage contesting and DX activity in Chile and recognize those operators who have made a significant contribution to the sport of radio contesting. In 2008, the group voted Dan, XQ4CW their '2008 Contester of the Year'

On behalf of the BCDX Club, Dale, VE7SV presents the '2008 Contester of the Year' plaque to Dan, XQ4CW

Dan, XQ4CW (left) and Dale, VE7SV (right)

Felicidades a Dan, XQ4CW por ser el primer receptor de este premio, que está patrocinado por el Club de BCDX
Congratulations to Dan, XQ4CW for being the first recipient of this award which is sponsored by the BCDX Club

The BCDX Club is proud to sponsor this annual award which not only recognizes the achievements of one CE Contest Group member each year, but also contributes to international goodwill in the promotion of amateur radio contesting and DX activity.

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