Santiago, Chile

CE4CT and VE7SV - July 2009


Dale, VE7SV and Roberto, CE4CT

'Chip and Dale' - Survey de TX Nextel Chile


CE4CT and VE7SV -- 2009 IARU Contest

Captions for all photos will be added soon













IARU Contest sound clip
Dale operating the CE4CT station (0048z July 12, 2009 on 14.218)
during 2009 IARU contest as monitored from VE7BZ

Click on logo above to watch video from CE4CT during 2009 IARU Contest

Click on logo above to watch XQ4CW and CE4CT during CQ WPX CW 2009 ((SOABLP(A))


CE4CT,  LU8ADX and VE7SV-- 2009 CQWW (SSB) Contest










Work continues at the CE4CT contest station



more red lights are good
'lotsa wattage in the cottage'




my work here is done for now









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