2009 Club Meeting on Vancouver Island

Each year the Club has one meeting on Vancouver Island. This year is was at the QTH of Stan, VE7SAG

Photo credits: Ken, VE7UQ, Jill, VA7OFF and Paul, VE7BZ

L to R front row: Rick, VE7TK; Ron, VE7NS; Steve, VE7CT; Jason, VE7AG; Stan, VE7SAG; Les, VA7RN; Duane, VE7UF; Paul, VE7BZ
L to R in Back Row: Ralph, VE7XF; Dave, VE7VR; Ken, VE7UQ; Jim, VE7WG; Brent, VE7BD; Cezar, VE7MR; Alun, VE7JO;
Gord, VE7ON; Jim, VE7FO; Earl, VE7IN and Don, VA7DJ

Directions from the main road

Stan was prepared in case you
had trouble finding his QTH
and some needed help

Stan, VE7SAG in the shack

Stan, VE7SAG -- TH7-DXX



Once again the weather was
fabulous and the shade was welcome

Jason, VE7AG and Cezar, VE7MR

Members has a brief meeting

Lunch is prepared by Stan, VE7SAG
and his guest Bob, VE7CPO

The line starts with the cook

Now serving Les, VA7RN

A discussion in the shade with
guest, Ed, VE7ED on the far right

Jason, VE7AG and Ken, VE7UQ

A group in the shade
Our thanks to Stan, VE7SAG and his wife Maria as well as Bob, VE7CPO and his wife Norma for
making this Vancouver Island very enjoyable. The food was great, the weather was superb and the venue was perfect.

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