2007 Club Meeting on Vancouver Island

Each year the Club has one meeting on Vancouver Island. This year is was at the QTH of Paul, VE7BZ

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Photo credits: Don, VA7DJ; Steve, VE7CT; Dave, VE7VR and Paul, VE7BZ

The Deserving

L to R: Paul, VE7BZ; Dan, VE7RVV (guest),
 Alun, VE7JO; Bob, VE7CPO (guest); Paul, VA7NT



Ralph, VE7XF and Jason, VE7AG

Background: Dave, VE7VR, Brent, VE7BD and Earl, VE7IN
Foreground: Fred, VE7IO and Dale, VE7JP (guest)


L to R: Jim, VE7FO; Duane, VE7UF
and Les, VA7RN


L to R: Dale, VE7JP (guest); Fred, VE7IO,
 Ralph, VE7XF; Jason, VE7AG; Dave, VE7VR

Ken, VE7UQ and Dave, VE7VR

Alun, VE7JO and Bob, VE7CPO (guest)
how tall are those trees?

The host station -- Paul, VE7BZ

Jill (Paul's XYL) with her completed
BCDX Club collage artwork

A larger version of Jill's artwork
My thanks to Jill and Carmen for making this meeting a huge success, I could not have done it without you... Paul, VE7BZ

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