The BCDX Club is pleased to announce ICOM Canada as our primary sponsor for DX2006.

ICOM Canada is donating an
as our Grand prize.

Dale, VE7SV was the winner of this radio
Welcome to DX2006 -- the 51st Anniversary of the Pacific Northwest DX Convention
July 21, 22 and 23, 2006 in Vancouver, BC, Canada
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The venue for the event was the
Hilton Vancouver Metrotown Hotel -- yes this is the same location as the last convention.  

If you're truly keen about ham radio, you will not want to miss this Convention!

The BCDX Club takes pleasure in announcing Bob, K4UEE as our keynote speaker

The BCDX Club is pleased to announce that Bob Allphin, K4UEE is confirmed as our keynote speaker.  Headlining a terrific line up of presentation speakers, Bob's DX credits are too vast to mention, but the highly successful 3Y0X expedition to Peter One Island is his most recent endeavor.

Bob is an engaging speaker and will captivate the audience with his most recent exploits in the Antarctic.

If you are an active DX'er or contester, Bob is in your log many times. Why not thank him in person?

Bob, K4UEE has visited eighty DXCC entities and operated from forty.  He has participated in twenty-five DXpeditions, including six involving "Top 10" DXCC entities, i.e. Howland Island, Heard Island, Bhutan, Kingman Reef, the South Sandwich Islands and South Georgia Island.  He has been an operator on three of the top seven DXpeditions with the highest QSO totals.  In addition, Bob has the honor of having participated in five "DXpeditions of the Year".

Bob is also an active contester and has been involved in twenty-two contest DXpeditions.  Six of these efforts resulted in new World Records.  Further evidence of this operating skill was his participation as a competitor in the 1996 and 2000 WRTC (the Amateur Radio Olympics of Contesting).

K4UEE is a member of the ARRL DX Advisory Committee (DXAC) representing the Southeastern Division, and is a member of the CQ DX hall of Fame. But probably most important, Bob has been a mentor to dozens of DX'ers and DXpeditioners over the years.  He has become a role model for many in the sport of DX'ing

The BCDX Club is very excited about the program we're putting together for you and will continue to release details over the next several weeks.  Please bookmark our site and check back often to keep up-to-date with the DX2006 Convention plans. 

The members of the Planning Committee for the 2006 Convention are: 

Name Responsibility

Dave Johnson, VE7VR

Co-Chair & Hotel Liaison
Paul Peters, VE7BZ
Co-Chair &
Website Manager
Fred Orsetti, VE7IO
Printing & Graphics
Marcia Lawrie
Ticket Sales Coordinator

Paul Peters, VE7BZ
Steve Wright, VE7CT
Dave Johnson, VE7VR

Program Committee
Les, VA7LC
Paul, VE7BZ
Dave, VE7VR
Prize Committee
Dave Shipman, VE7CFD

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