2004 Club Meeting on Vancouver Island

Each year the Club has one meeting on Vancouver Island. This year is was at the QTH of Duane, VE7UF

Photo credit: Gord, VE7ON -- taken by Jim, VE5DX

Back row (l to r): Ralph, VE7XF; Steve, VE7CT; Dave, VE7CFD; Don, VA7DJ; Paul, VA7NT; Jim, VE7WG;
Alun, VA7BSA (guest); and Duane, VE7UF

Middle row (l to r): Gord, VE7ON; Stan, VE7SAG (guest) and Brent, VE7BD

Front row (l to r): Les, VA7LC; Ron, VE7NS; Paul, VE7AVV and Jim, VE7FO

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