2003 Club Meeting on Vancouver Island


Each year the Club has one meeting on Vancouver Island. This year is was at the QTH of Brent, VE7BD

Back row left to right: Chuck, VE7WO; Ron, VE7NS; Paul, VA7NT; Brent, VE7BD;
 Stan, VE7SAG (guest); Rees, VE7IU (guest); Gord, VE7ON, Dale, VE7SV, Allan, VE7SZ

Front row left to right: Steve, VE7CT (and Daisy); Gordy, VE7PC (guest); Paul, VE7AVV


Sitting (L to R): Gord, VE7ON;  Allan, VE7SZ; Jim, VE7WG; Ralph, VE7XF; Dave, VE7VR

In the pool (L to R) Steve, VE7CT and Dale, VE7SV


Sitting (L to R): Ron, VE7NS; Stan, VE7SAG (guest), Ralph, VE7XF; Dale, VE7DDK (guest) and Earl, VE7IN


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